On Man’s Tragic End--Viewed from The Old Man and the Sea从老人与海看人的悲剧

  Some Fresh Thoughts on English Teaching in Classroom英语课堂教学的新思考

  On Conrad’s Narrative Technique--From “Nostromo” 从“Nostromo”看康拉德的叙事技巧

  A contrastive study of Directional verbs in Chinese and English中英趋向动词的比较研究

  Semantics’ Influence on Structure语义对结构的影响

  The Impact on Structures Change by Cognition认知对结构变化的影响

  Social Psychological Factors and Their Influence on Ell社会心理因素和他们对语言学习的影响

  Learner-Centered College English Teaching“以学习者为中心”的大学英语教学

  Contextual Restriction in Translation语境对翻译的限制

  Contrastive Analysis of English-Chinese Tourism Texts英汉旅游篇章对比分析

  Amplification and Omission in Translation翻译中的信息增减

  Three Techniques in English-Chinese Alternating Translation中英互译中的三个技巧

  Analysis of Tess’ Tragedy苔丝悲剧的分析

  Translation and Business-oriented Terms经贸术语及其翻译

  Application of Games in Middle School English Teaching游戏在中学英语教学中的运用

  Transformational Technique of Parts of Speech in Translation翻译中词性转换的技巧

  Non-verbal Behaviors for Activating Students in English Classes英语课堂中激活学生的非语言行为

  Application of Absolute Construction in Interpretation独立主格在口译中的运用

  Effect on Translation from Different English-Chinese Modes of Thinking中英思维方式的差异对翻译的影响

  On Ways of Breaking Cultural Barriers in Translation of Human Names如何克服人名翻译中的文化障碍

  On Translation of Chinese Dishes论中国菜名的英译

  On Translation Skills of Traditional Chinese Medical Terms论中医用语的翻译技巧

  On Influence of Cultural Differences on Understanding English and Chinese Advertisements


  On Aesthetic Association and Translation of Names of Commodities论审美联想与商品名的翻译

  On Changes of Business Etiquettes in Cross-Cultural Communication论跨文化交际中商务礼仪的变迁

  On Tragic Fate of the Heroin in Life论<一生>中女主人公的悲剧命运

  On Language Communication Skills in Business Negotiation论商务谈判中语言沟通技巧

  On Comprehending and Usage of Euphemism in Business Negotiation论商务谈判中委婉语的理解和运用

  On Influence of American Culture on Import and Export Commodities论美国文化对进出口商品翻译的影响

  On Application of Nonverbal Means in Communication论非语言形式在交际中的运用

  Cultural Gap and Mistranslation英汉文化差异与误译

  On The Nature and functions of Metaphor论隐喻的本质与功能

  On the Status and Role of the Translator in Literary Translation论文学翻译中译者的地位与作用

  On the Origin, Word-Formation and Translation of English Neologisms浅谈英语新词的产生、构成及翻译

  On Discourse as the Unit of Translation浅谈以语篇为翻译单位

  A Study on Punctuation and Omission in Simultaneous Interpretation论同声传译中的断句与省略

  The Comparison and Translation of “Nine” in Chinese and Western Culture英汉数字“九”的文化对比与翻译

  The length and width of the English study in the translation part of the TEM8从英语专业八级卷翻译部分看英语学习的广度和深度

  A Brief Study on the Translation of English News Titles英语新闻标题翻译初探

  Knowledge Base in Professional Interpreting论专业口译的基础知识

  On Translation Techniques of Loanwords浅谈外来语的翻译

  A Study of Application and Translation of Idiomatic Usages of English Preposition


  Strategies and Impact on Education from China’s Entry into WTO WTO 对中国教育的影响及对策

  The Cultural Influence on English Expressions and Word Choices文化对英语表达和词汇的影响

  Application of Inverted Sentences in English浅谈英语中的倒装

  Decomposition and Translation of Ambiguous Structures歧义结构的化解与翻译

  The Orientation of Nonfiction in Contemporary English Literature英语记实文学在当代文学中的定位

  On Presenting New Teaching Materials of Junior English论中学英语教学材料的呈现

  Function of Discourse in Translation语篇功能在翻译中的表现

  Function of Translation in English Teaching翻译在英语教学中的地位

  The Regional Differences between Chinese and Western Culture中西文化差异之地域文化差异

  Non-equivalence between Chinese and English Idioms and Intercultural differences英汉习语的不等值现象于跨文化差异

  Usage and Translation of Numerals in English Expressions英语中数量词组中的用法和翻译技巧

  A Contrastive Study of the Formation of English and Chinese Antonyms论英汉反义词的形成

  Various Factors Reducing the Efficiency of English Learning论影响英语学习成效的各种因素

  Chicago as a Mirror of American Social Problems电影《芝加哥》所透析出的美国社会问题

  A Contrastive Study of Animal Cultural Implication between Chinese and English英汉语动物文化含义比较

  On the Development of English New Words英语新词的发展

  On the Usage of English Abbreviations on the Internet谈网络英语中的缩略语

  My View on Rhett in Gone with Wind白瑞德――理想化的男人,斯嘉丽真正的灵魂 -----我读 《飘》中的白瑞德

  The Cultural Difference between Chinese and Western Food试论中西餐饮文化差异

  On American Dream ------Viewed from 《Sister Carrie》从《嘉莉妹妹》看美国梦

  My view on the Classic Standpoint of love of Jane Austin从《爱玛》看简。奥斯丁的古典主义爱情观

  A Contrastive Study of Punctuation in Chinese and English英汉标点符号比较

  On the Relationship between Lexical Cohesion and Textual Coherence词汇的衔接与语篇的连贯

  On The Efficient ways to improve Listening Comprehension in English论提高英语听力的几种有效方法

  Thought Discrepancies Embodied in English and Chinese Languages思维差异在英汉语言中的体现

  The Effect of Positive Emotional Factors in English Teaching英语教学中学生情感态度的培养

  Influences of Chinese Dialectical Accent over English Pronunciation汉语方言对英语发音的影响

  A Contrastive Analysis of English-Chinese Conversational Implication英汉会话含义的解析

  Cultural Divergence and Schema of Reading in Mother Tongue and the Second Language母语和第二语言阅读的文化差异与认知体系

  Language Development of Pre-school Children and English Teaching幼儿言语发展及幼儿英语教学

  A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Prosodic Features从英汉对比角度浅析英汉节律特征

  The Influences of Chinese-British Cultural Differences on International Business Protocol中英文化差异对国际商务礼仪的影响

  A Probe into the Characteristics of English Affix System浅谈英语词缀系统的特点

  Color words and Chinese and Western Cultural Differences颜色词与中西文化的差异

  A Comparative Study between American Sign Language and American English美国手势语和美国英语比较

  The Relationship between the Psychological Characteristic of Middle School Student and English Study


  A Tentative Study on English Hyperbole浅论英语夸张修辞

  Influence of Pragmatism on American Ideas of Values实用主义对美国人价值观的影响

  Sino-western Cultural Shock and the English Study中西文化冲突与英语学习

  Comparisons of Sino-U.S Family Education中美家庭教育的比较

  Influence of Puritanism on American Ideas of Values清教对美国人价值观的影响

  On the Comparison of Chinese and English Expressions on Politeness中英礼貌用语比较

  The Influence of Sino-British Cultures on Metaphors论中英文化对隐语的影响

  A Contrastive Study on Chinese and English Exclamatory Words汉英感叹词对比研究

  On the Meanings of Images in Moby Dick论《白鲸》中的象征意义

  On Politeness Norms and Mistakes in Interactive Communication of Spoken English英汉口语中互动性交际的礼貌规范与失误

  On Sino-British Cultural Perceptions from Diana’s Death从戴安娜之死说中英文化观念差异

  On Sino-Western Cultural Differences from Numerical Idioms从数字习语看中西文化差异

  On the Importance of Oral English in English Teaching浅析口语在英语教学中的重要性

  On Cultural Differences from Chinese and Western Mythologies从中西神话看文化差异

  Exploration on Women’s Status in Marriage from To the Lighthouse从《到灯塔去》探索婚后女性的地位

  On the Influence of SLA on English Teaching in China第二语言习得对中国英语教学的影响

  Effects of Non-Verbal Factors on Interpretation非语言因素对口译的影响

  On the Prospects of E-Business in China电子商务在当代中国的发展前景

  A Comparison between Female Old Images in Jane Eyre and New Images in Gone with the Wind比较《简爱》中女性“陈规形象”与《飘》中女性“新形象”

  The Comparison of Attitudes Towards Marriage Between Ashley and Butler in Gone with the Wind《飘》中白瑞德和阿希礼的婚姻观比较

  The Application of Functional Approaches in Literary Translation功能翻译理论在文学翻译中的运用

  A Contrastive Study on Love Tragedy Between Romeo & Juliet and Butterflies in Love & Zhu-Yingtai罗米欧与朱丽叶和梁山伯与祝英台的爱情悲剧对比研究

  The Attitudes towards love in The Hunckback of Notre Dame论《巴黎圣母院》中的爱情观

  An analysis on the Development of American Newspaper Industry and Freedom of the Press浅析美国报业发展与新闻自由

  The Application of Figures of Speech in English Advertisement and Its Translation修辞在英语广告中的运用及其翻译

  The Self-salvation of Hester Prynne and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Attitudes towards religion海丝特 白兰的自救与霍桑的宗教观

  The Immortal Charm of Huck in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn《哈克贝利 费恩》的永恒魅力

  An Analysis of the Theme in For Whom the Bell Tolls《战地钟声》的主题研究

  The Comparison of Individualism between Moby Dick and the Old Man and the Sea《白鲸》和《老人与海》中的个人主义比较

  An Analysis of the Personality of Holden in Catcher in the Rye麦田里的守望者》中主人公霍顿的性格分析


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